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Whale Cove Traditions

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Whale Cove Traditions

Whale Cove holds a number of festivals throughout the year including:

  • March/April (Easter weekend) Easter Festivities include igloo building and snowmobile racing

  • May (Victoria Day Weekend) Annual fishing derby

  • July 1 Hamlet Days and Canada Day Festivities include traditional arctic games and contests such as tea- and bannock-making, inuksuk-building and rabbit-hunting

  • Christmas and New Years celebrations

Community gatherings often include feasts with traditional delicacies such as:

  • igunaq ( aged maktaaq)
  • pipsi (dried char)
  • innaluaq (seal intestine)
  • nipku (dried caribou)
  • quaq (frozen caribou)

Square dances and indoor and outdoor games are enjoyed by all. Visitors are always welcome. For more information, contact the Hamlet of Whale Cove.

A happy fisherman

Inside an igloo

Traditional Clothing

Inuit child in traditional clothing

Bakeapple Berry

A Bakeapple berry


Life by the Season in Whale Cove

Life in Whale Cove follows the seasons.

Spring finds most residents

  • Fishing for Arctic Char
  • Hunting geese
  • Gathering goose eggs


  • hunting for seal, whale and walrus
  • gathering plants
  • swimming at Old Water Lake


  • berry-picking blackberries and bakeapple
  • bear hunting
  • fox and wolf hunting
  • sewing parkas and wind pants for the winter


  • making hats, kamiit and mittens
  • sewing Inuit hunting clothes from hides and fur

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