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Whale Cove, Nunavut

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Welcome to Whale Cove

Whale Cove is located on the west coast of Hudson Bay. Whale Cove is surrounded by rolling hills and pristine lakes. Fishing is abundant in the waters around Whale Cove.

Whale Cove is a traditional community where you will still see people wearing clothes made with furs, using dog-sleds and the eating of raw meat and fish.

Whale Cove is famous for its beluga whales. Each fall beluga whales congragate in near the shores of Whale Cove. In 1967, the Whale's Tail Monument, a project honoring Canada's centennial, was built on a hill overlooking the settlement. The huge Whale’s Tail is made of rock and concrete and has become the symbol of Whale Cove.

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The Whale's Tail Monument

Picture of Whale Cove

The community of Whale Cove

Pod of Beluga Whales


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